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"I was having severe back pains -- I could hardly stand. After a few adjustments from Dr. Lehew, I was able to continue work. I also apprecate the time and care that I received in treatment."
- James B.
I had such severe mid and lower back pain and spasms that I thought I would never be able to play golf again. Dr. Patti and her staff worked with me to relieve the pain and increase my flexiblity and strength in my problem areas. I can now play golf as my schedule allows as long as I do my prescribed exercises.  Thank you Dynamic Chiropractic!
- Thor N.
I don't know what I would do without Dr. Patti. I have a neck injury from a car accident that happened several years ago. I get migraines a lot and if I keep up regular visits to Dynamic Chiropractic to get adjustments, I have lot less pain and I am able to function in my daily life more efficiently. Massage Therapy also helps by ridding my body of knots and tension. I highly recommend Dr. Patti to anyone who has any sort of pain. She is a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Patti!
-Brenda C.